Bat Masterson

Bat Masterson
The title character was played by Gene Barry and the half-hour black and white show ran on NBC from 1958 to 1961.

"The Fighter"

Season 1, Episode 5

Bat wins the contract of a talented young fighter from his unscrupulous manager, then trains the boxer for one honest fight,
betting all his poker winnings on the result.
The boxer's former manager isn't interested....
in a fair fight....
and plans to ensure the young man loses.

Stampede At Tent City
Season 1, Episode 4
An old girlfriend of Bat's is planning to get married but.... the man she is in love with has been accused of shooting a man....
in the back.
She sends for Bat to help.
Bat arrives to find the town is nothing more than a group of tents....that's controlled by a gang of horse thieves, led by the brother of the man..... shot in the back.

In real life, William Bartley Masterson

was a deputy of Wyatt Earp's.

Gene Berry as Bat Masterson