Zane Gray Theater

Zane Gray Theater debuted on CBS in 1956 and went off the air in 1961. There were a total of 149 episodes filmed, with each one being 24 minutes long. Most of the shows were taken right from the pages of Zane Gray books. Aaron Spelling wrote twenty of the episodes.

Dick Powell performed in 15 of the 149  programs and hosted for the entire run.
It was referred to as "Dick Powell's Zane Gray Theater."   

Those cowboy shoot 'em ups are great!
Makes me feel like I am a boy again with my cap guns!
American westerns at their best!
An innocent age, that is what it was, just a great time to grow up.

Dick Powell's Zane Gray Theater ran from 1956 till 1961 on CBS.
A simple life of good guys and bad guys.
White hats and black hats so we could know from a distance,
just who was who.

 A time, gone by, long ago......
that I hope to see again. They just do not make them the way they used to!
Gotta love them.... Cowboy Shows.