Howdy Doody

 A pioneer in children's television programming and set the pattern for many similar shows to follow.

March 1949
Howdy Doody
This episode is complete with NBC-TV Promo,
and two NBC-TV IDs.
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The program below, from August 3rd, 1949, was Buffalo Bob's day off.
 Bob Smith was covered by Rodeo Ray as host-ringmaster.
Classic children's television from a time long gone by.
A bit before my time but.....
 a pure joy to watch. This Howdy Doody is from April 6, 1951
Clarabell was first played by Bob Keeshan, who continued in that role until 1952. Keeshan was fired after a salary dispute and later became Captain Kangaroo at CBS. At the end of the final episode, telecast on September 24, 1960, Clarabell who was then being played by jazz musician Lew Anderson, did not use his horn to communicate. At the end of the final episode, he broke his series long silence to say the final words of the final broadcast........... "Goodbye, kids."